The Thieu Lam Hong Gia school is more known with the Chinese name Shaolin Hung Gar.

The technics belong to heritage of the center and south of China. There is several forms of practice :

- the Bai Quyen, codified bared hand routines
- the Bai Binh Khi, codified routine with weapon (18 traditionnal weapons)
- Khi Cong, energy exercice with simple and reverse breathing
- Ngoai Cong, external energy exercice
- Noi Cong , internal energy exercice
- breaking
- free fight
- self defense

Our style is a hard and fast style which emphasised the use of the upper body with anchored stances. The kicks are not forgotten for all that. They belongs to technics palette of the style and are given only when the practitioner is sure to hit the opponent. The work of hardening allows the practioner to decrease the risk of injury during a fight, to be able to advance in the attack of the opponent(s) and to have a great efficiency in the hits.

A way to test, for a practioner, his level of resistance to the attacks and to the blows is to perform several physical and mental test :
- passive breaking of stick on miscellaneous parts of the body (arms, shoulder, tibia...). One of the schhol speciality is the granite breaking on and under the head in one time by a person of the public with a sledgehammer

- passive coconuts breaking on several part of the head
- brick breaking on the abdomen and on the thorax
- breaking with several part of the hand (palm, back, thumb..) such as bottle neck breaking with the forefinger
- a car or a truck crossing the body. It can be noticed tha Master Ha Chau resisted the cross of 12 ton roadroller on the body

- strangulation test (hanging, draging, metallic bar folding around the neck)
- hamming a nail in a 2 cm wood board with the bared palm


The Thieu Lam Hong Gia technics have technics of self defense and grappling (Cam Na Thu in Vietnamese or qinna in Chinese). The effeciency of these technics leaded the school to be the Asian representative of the FFBD (French Federation of defense stick).


This affiliation allows to graduate people for a public or private security professionnal activity : professional self defense, neutralization of a dangerous people in the frame of the law and people respect, and lateral handle defense stick drill (tonfa)